Biography of Musica Bella Orchestra member Jerry Vetowich

Jerry Vetowich, bassoon/contrabassoon, took up the bassoon serendipitously when his wife was considering a high-level position in Kansas City. In response to her question to what he would do in KC (after NY), he said “I will take up the bassoon.” They are still in NY and yes, he took up the bassoon and contrabassoon, in anticipation of retirement, and found a true love. He studies with Ethan Silverman, associate principal of the New York City Ballet Orchestra. He is a member of the Schuyler Woodwind Quintet, coached by Jane Taylor (founding member of the Dorian Wind Quintet), and also plays in the Downtown Symphony Orchestra (Doug Anderson, conductor).
    Editor’s Note: We are showing Mr. Vetowich’s photo at a larger size than we normally do, just so you can see more detail in this remarkable photograph of Jerry being attacked by a forest of bassoons.

Musica Bella concerts: October 24, 2004; January 30, 2005; March 13, 2005; March 26, 2006; October 22, 2006; February 18, 2007; October 14, 2007

This bio last updated August 15, 2004