Biography of Musica Bella Orchestra member Roman Nikolaev

Roman Nikolaev, viola, is the principal, teacher, and conductor of a chamber orchestra at the largest school of music for children of ages 7-16 in the Ural region (Ekaterinburg, Russia). Before that, he was the Manager of the Music and Cultural Department of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic, again in Ekaterinburg. There, he worked with various artists and musicians from different parts of the former USSR, and also founded a number of discussion groups such as “Club of Classical Music Fans,” “Club of Young Musicians,” etc. Prior to that, he was a violist in the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic (one of the largest orchestras of the former Soviet Union), Ekaterinburg. He has founded and directed an international festival (“Russian Music Without Borders”). He was the founder, director, and conductor of a Russian-Italian youth chamber orchestra named Archetto; this orchestra participated in annual music festivals in Ferentino, Italy. He was the conductor of a Russian-American youth chamber orchestra during a Russian-American festival in Ekaterinburg in 1996 and 1997, and the conductor of a Russian-English orchestra at a music festival in Manchester, England in 1999. He is a consultant at La Guardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York. He was educated at the Ural Federal College of Music (Conservatory) in Ekaterinburg. He won the International award of Defny Heisr for his organization of the “Russian Music Without Borders” festival. He lives in Ekaterinburg but comes to the U.S. often to visit his family; right now he is on an extended visit and will be playing with Musica Bella throughout the 2002-2003 season — and perhaps longer, we now understand. We are very glad to have him.

Musica Bella concerts: October 13, 2002; December 8, 2002; March 23, 2003; May 18, 2003; October 19, 2003; November 30, 2003; February 29, 2004

This bio last updated October 2002.