Biography of Musica Bella Orchestra member Ron Hay

Ron Hay, trombone, hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ron began playing at the age of ten. He attended the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, and completed his formal training at the Manhattan School of Music, where he received a full Merit Scholarship. Ron’s principal teachers were John Swallow, David Langlitz, and William Brown.
      After finishing school, Ron worked as a freelance musician in New York before accepting principal positions in the Orchestra Philharmonic of the University of Mexico, Mexico City, and the Symphonic Orchestra of Aguascalientes in the city of that name in Mexico.
      Ron returned to New York in 1996, and has been busy freelancing ever since. In 2001, he formed the Neuravian Trombone Ensemble, which presents the finest in funeral and memorial music. He is a proud registered member of S.O.F.T. (Society of Funeral Trombones), and enjoys playing with the excellent musicians living in New York.


Musica Bella concerts: December 8, 2002; March 23, 2003; October 19, 2003; November 30, 2003; February 29, 2004; October 24, 2004; January 30, 2005; May 14, 2005; May 15, 2005; May 21, 2006