Biography of Musica Bella Orchestra member Benjamin Hankle

Benjamin Hankle, trumpet, before graduating from high school, played first trumpet in all of the classical and jazz ensembles offered by audition to New Jersey residents. This included orchestras, wind ensembles, and jazz bands which represented Bergen County, Northern New Jersey, and the entire state. He also performed in the Grammy Jazz Band for three years. After leaving high school, he spent a year at USC (Los Angeles) studying with renowned studio and orchestral trumpeter, Boyde Hood. He then spent two years studying with Broadway/studio artist Bud Burridge and jazz soloist extraordinaire Joe Magnarelli, at NJCU. He is now studying with Chris Gekker and Chris Vadala while attending the University of Maryland.

Musica Bella concerts: June 2, 2002; October 13, 2002; December 8, 2002

This bio last updated May 5, 2004