Biography of Musica Bella soloist Ani Bukujian

Violinist Ani Bukujian started playing the violin at the age of two and a half.╩When her grandmother gave her a toy violin as a gift, she would stand in front of the television while imitating famous violinists, such as Sarah Chang and Itzhak Perlman. Ms. Bukujian studied with her father exclusively until she was fifteen.
      She is the winner of numerous musical competitions, including three gold medals at the World Championship of Performing Arts, first place in the Bach Competition, the ASTA Annual National Solo Competition, and the Pasadena String Festival.╩At the age of seven, she was a solo performer in her debut concert with a chamber orchestra at the Alex Theatre in California. Ms. Bukujian was also part of the Viva-Vivaldi All-Girl Orchestra in Washington, D.C., being the youngest first violin in the orchestra.
      At the age of eight, she was asked to perform a solo piece with the Bakersfield Symphony, where she played one of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Summer).╩Growing up, Ms. Bukujian’s passion for music excelled when her desire led her to play other instruments, such as the piano, flute, vibraphone, and percussion. As an AGBU scholarship recipient, she was asked to perform a solo piece at Weil Recital Hall in New York and to take part as the second violinist in both a quartet and a trio.╩A graduate of Glendale High School, she is currently pursuing her third year of Bachelor's degree at The Juilliard School in New York City, laying the foundation for her future career as a╩solo performer.

This bio last updated May 6, 2014